Historical telluric data

The digitisation of analogue telluric recordings at MTA CSFK GGI


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Explore data

You can use our small web application to explore the data we have digitised. If you know the exact name (which encodes the date/time of registration) of the file you are looking for, then you can use well-formed urls to query for the corresponding data. For instance, if you are looking for how we digitised 19600312_0000.png, then a url in the form of

gets you to a page containing a zoomable image with the digitised pointsets overlaid on it. You can pan the picture by draging it with your mouse or by the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can zoom in/out by scrolling with your mouse or pressing CTRL++/CTRL+-. On the top of the page you will find navigation buttons for jumping to the previous/next file in our database (alternatively, you can navigate with keys A/S). On the right side of the page you can click on the + sign to maximize the layer switcher which is used for activating/deactivating the overlaid pointsets individually.

If you don't know the exact name of the file, use the following dropdowns to find what you're looking for.

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Feel free to contact Tamás Nagy for more information or data requests.

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