You might have downloaded a disk image file raspbian-RT-opendatalogger1512.tar.gz (if not yet, check it out).

Firstly you have to uncompress it.

$ tar -zxvf raspbian-RT-opendatalogger1512.tar.gz

This will result in raspbian-RT-opendatalogger1512.img. After installing the card-reader (if neccessary) you have to find the right device name.

Please double check to write the image to the right device! Use df -h to list all your drives before and after inserting the SD-card (into the slot or card reader).

list drives

$ sudo umount /dev/sdb*
$ sudo dd if=raspbian-RT-opendatalogger1512.img of=/dev/sdb bs=4M conv=fsync

Basically this is all the magic. However there is no progress bar. It might even take 10 minutes for a large image with slow USB. To watch the progress execute in an other terminal window

$ sudo watch -n 30 kill -USR1 $(pgrep '^dd$')

This will print a progress bar every 30 seconds.

When finished do a sudo sync before removing the SD-card.

how to proceed?

read this article


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